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As a beginner who wants to learn forex trading, you can use a demo account from the list of websites we provide on this page. So you can trade without depositing first, only if you are sure then please deposit with the best forex broker.

Forex Trading Site Learn to trade forex

Here are 4 sites that offer popular no deposit forex trading:


The following site to learn forex trading with FBS, a fairly well-known forex trading program in Indonesia, especially in terms of tempting bonuses and promotions.

One of the no deposit Forex trading is that FBS also offers a feature to trade for free without having to make a deposit first.

There are different types of no deposit bonus credits that you can find at https://fbs.id/. Normally, this free FPS credit is valid for the first time you create an account and make your first deposit.


The following site to learn forex trading with InstaForex is also one of the most popular brokers in Indonesia and also has many promotions. There are many InstaForex promotions for account creation and first deposit so you can trade forex without a deposit.

From time to time, Instaforex often offers special promotions and no deposit bonuses. Free no deposit forex site Instaforex can be accessed at https://www.ifxid.com/. The Instaforex bonus for initial registration and deposit ranges from $10 to $1000 depending on the promotion.

If you lose trading with InstaForex without deposit, you can use another alternative, which is to participate in a demo trading contest.

You can use a demo account at InstaForex. You don’t have to pay anything, if you win you have the right not to trade for free and withdraw.


Broker Agea is a forex broker that you can play for free without deposit for several years. Anyone can have $5 by simply creating an account and completing the registration process.

There are no conditions to receive a bonus balance. As long as you have never registered with Agea, after successful registration you will receive a bonus that you can use for trading.

If you make profit while trading, you can withdraw funds without any difficulty, e.g. B. if you must meet certain conditions. Visit extra.agea.com/en/promotions for free no deposit forex site promotions.

Learn to trade forex with OctaFX

OctaFX is the most popular forex broker in Indonesia, this broker focuses on soccer match promotions.

Visit https://octaidn.com/contests for free Octafx promotions and no deposit trading contests. Today you have to prove it by winning the demo trading contest first, at least you are among the top 3 or 5 winners.

There are two competitions that octaFX runs regularly, the monthly demo champion and the cTrader weekly demo competition. Indonesian traders often make free OctaFX coins to learn more advanced forex trading.

Tips for forex trading with OctaFX

  • Use No Deposit Forex Trading with your demo account to find out.
  • It is best to attend a webinar or training session with a trusted mentor for guidance on how to use it.
  • Try to use a demo account often until it is good, profitable and has a lot of experience.
  • Do not use the main funds for trading, for example, salary funds for essential things. Use your excess or unimportant money to start learning to trade forex.
  • Join the community, join the available community, if necessary, create a group where your mentor or boss is present in trading.

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