List of Regulated Indonesian Forex Brokers

One of the main factors for a trader is choosing a regulated forex broker in a country. For example, a regulated Indonesian forex broker is Mоnеx Investindo Futures (MIFX). There are other forex brokers that you need to know about.

which not only provides premises for its business activities, but is also committed to working for the benefit of its customers.

Of course, in order to achieve this goal, you need to choose the best registered Bappebti forex broker as your trading partner.

There are hundreds of forex brokers around the world that are registered under Indonesian government regulations. Bappebti has over 60 companies. Before diving into the field, it would be good to see how to choose a reliable trading site that is regulated by the Indonesian government.

How to Choose a Regulated Indonesian Forex Broker

If you decide to create a real forex account, it is very important to know how to choose a forex broker that is regulated by the Indonesian government. The method is as follows:

  • Find out about the regulatory status first
  • There is a clear and official identity
  • Best and complete facilities
  • You can check the integrity of this broker
  • Check the license or license agent (regulation)
  • Take a look at reutsassі brokers in trader community,
  • Finally, try brokerage services.

3 Regulated Indonesian Forex Brokers

Monex Investindo Futures (MIFX)

pt. Black Spread Investindo Futures or Monex Investindo Futures is one of the best brokerage companies in Indonesia and has existed since 2000. This huge investment company provides important cross-financial services

In addition, as one of the local forex brokers, PT Monex Investindo Futures has proven to be a real brokerage company that has the key to various international real-time awards international security.

Asia Trade Point futures

It is not inferior to Monex brokers in providing services. Even brokers who have been active in this market since 2004 can always keep up with the times when it comes to various things. You don’t have to spend a lot because there are choices you can make as you wish.

Just take tens to hundreds of millions of rupees in cash value. This comes with your own financial skills.

This broker accepts recommendations from Barrebt with number 873/BAPPEBTI/SI/1/2006. You can also conveniently make decisions on the 3 accounts.

You can use your balance if you have good stocks in the trading world. He can try a demo account before he starts making real money.

It is important to know some of the best and most popular forex brokers. This information is really very important for those of you who want security in forex trading.

Earn high income with the best broker. Start making money now without hesitation.

PT Askar Futures

easy and convenient. You don’t have to worry about collaborating with local brokers because, as mentioned above, this is the case with PT Askár Futures

Although he is one of the best forex brokers at Bappebti, he is also a member of KBI or Futures Clearing House in Indonesia so your investment is safe with you.

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